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Appendix E: Freedom of information statement

Australian Government agencies subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) are required to publish information to the public as part of the Information Publication Scheme (IPS). This requirement is in Part II of the FOI Act and each agency must display on its website a plan showing what information it publishes in accordance with the IPS requirements.

Further information on the FRDC’s agency plan is available from the FRDC website — www.frdc.com. au/About-us/Freedom-of-information.

Role, structure and functions

The FRDC’s role is described on page 13 of this annual report; its structure and functions and legislation under which it is established are described in Appendices A to C.


RD&E plan (the FRDC’s strategic plan)

File, publication and website*

FRDC policies

Unpublished documents, list on website*

Annual operational plan

File, publication and website*

Project details

Database, files and website*

Project agreements

Files and generic copy on website*

Final reports and non-technical summaries

Publications and website*

RD&E funding applications


Annual report

File, publications and FRDC website*

FISH magazine

File, publications, iPad and FRDC website*


Files, unpublished documents

Mailing lists


* The FRDC’s website address is www.frdc.com.au

Access to documents

To seek access to FRDC documents, please contact the FRDC’s FOI Officer: address, telephone and e-mail details are shown inside the back cover of this report. It may not be necessary to request the information under the FOI Act — the FRDC may simply provide it to you when you ask for it. At all times, however, you have the option of applying under the FOI Act.

Fees and charges for FOI




No fee

Search and retrieval

$15 per hour (GST inclusive)

Decision making and consultation

First five hours free, after that $20 per hour (GST inclusive)

When a FOI request is not responded to within the statutory time limit

No fee

Internal review

No fee

Request for personal information

No fee

The standard FOI application fee is nil when making your application, however processing charges will apply.

Documents are usually made available for direct access at the FRDC’s office in Canberra. They may also be provided, depending on your preference:

  • by post (photocopies) to an address specified in your request, or
  • at the Information Access Office (established by the Attorney-General) nearest where you live.