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Key achievements in 2019–20

  • Tropical oyster aquaculture developments commenced.
  • National Carp Control Plan finalised.
  • Seafood Industry Safety Initiative and SeSAFE training platform launched.
  • Eight Australian innovators make the final of FISH 2.0 Global Forum.
  • Seafood Directions Conference successfully run by Seafood Industry Victoria.
  • Wild-catch prawn provenance project launched.
  • Future Oysters Cooperative Research Centre Project (CRC-P) completed.
  • National Habitat Strategy published to inform large-scale rehabilitation programs.
  • Macroalgae/seaweed culture saw renewed interest.
  • 2019 Australian Fish and Chips Awards conducted.
  • Fish Forever 2030 National Fishing and Aquaculture Strategy developed.
  • FRDC R&D Plan 2020–25 completed.