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Evaluation of R&D projects (completed 2015–20)

Benefit cost assessment program—Evaluations (Year 4)

In 2015–16 the FRDC started a five-year program of impact assessments that would be carried out annually on a number of investments across its RD&E portfolio.

Agtrans Research and Consulting was contracted to complete the assessments which were required to meet FRDC’s evaluation reporting requirements. The following summary presents an overview and aggregate results for the fourth year (2018–19) of the evaluation program.

Brief description of the selection process

At the beginning of the program, the FRDC identified that the unit of investment to be evaluated would be an individual FRDC project and that a total of 20 randomly-selected projects would be evaluated each year. Five of the 20 projects for year 4 of the assessment are on pages 63, 69, 75, 81 and 87.