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Principal Activities 2018/19

Consistent with FASEA’s 2018-19 business plan, our principal activities for the period involved the following:

  1. Finalising the Code of Ethics, determining the standards in relation to education, equivalent qualifications locally and overseas, an exam, and ongoing professional training and professional year;
  2. Providing guidance to new entrants and existing advisers about the pathways to achieving the required qualifications, training and experience to meet FASEA standards, including what meets the equivalence test, whether any additional bridging course is required and what name they can use to describe themselves while qualifying as advisers;
  3. Accrediting educational programs and courses that will meet FASEA’s standards;
  4. Approving exams to ensure advisers meet knowledge and skills requirements and assessment under FASEA’s standards;
  5. Preparing and consulting with key stakeholders in roundtables or other targeted consultation about drafts of legislative instruments embodying the Code and standards to refine these as appropriate;
  6. Finalising legislative instruments embodying the Code and standards for parliamentary consideration; and
  7. Periodically consulting with key stakeholders and reviewing the Code and standards to assess their efficacy.

FASEA has successfully achieved these objectives in the 2018/19 financial year.