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The Court has two targets for timely completion of cases:

  • Eighty-five per cent of cases completed within 18 months of commencement

During the reporting year, the Court completed 93.1 per cent of cases in less than 18 months. As shown in Figure A5.5 and Table A5.5 in Appendix 5, over the last five years, the Court has consistently exceeded its benchmark of 85 per cent, with the average over the five years being 93.1 per cent.

  • Judgments to be delivered within three months

The Court has a goal of delivering reserved judgments within a period of three months. Success in meeting this goal depends upon the complexity of the case and the pressure of other business upon the Court.

During 2018–19, the Court handed down 2267 judgments for 2128 court files (some files involve more than one judgment being delivered – e.g. interlocutory decisions – and sometimes one judgment will cover multiple files). This is an increase from last year of 239 judgments. The data indicates that 85 per cent of appeals (both Full Court and single judge) were delivered within three months and 80 per cent of judgments at first instance were delivered within three months of the date of being reserved.