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In 2018–19, the total number of filings (including appeals) in the Court increased by 2 per cent to 6029. Filings in the Court’s original jurisdiction (excluding appeals) remained consistent at 4617. This is a statistically insignificant shift and the filings have remained substantially increased compared to a low of 3445 original jurisdiction filings in 2014–15.

Combined filings of the Federal Court and the Federal Circuit Court in general federal law increased by 1 per cent to 16,125.

The Court’s registries also undertake registry services for the Federal Circuit Court. The workload of the Federal Circuit Court has continued to grow over the last five years. It should be noted that the Federal Court registrars continue to hear and determine a substantial number of cases in the Federal Circuit Court.

In the Bankruptcy jurisdiction, Federal Court registrars dealt with, and disposed of, 2563 Federal Circuit Court bankruptcy matters, which equates to 91 per cent of the Federal Circuit Court’s bankruptcy caseload.

Among the total disposals (8206), 47 per cent of the Federal Circuit Court’s general federal law workload is dealt with by registrars, and 53 per cent is dealt with by judges.

Further information about the Court’s workload, including the management of appeals, is included in Part 3: The work of the Court in 2018–19 and Appendix 5: Workload statistics.