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Activities and recoveries

The FWO provides education, advice and a range of tailored dispute resolution tools to promote harmonious, productive, cooperative and compliant workplace relations. We also enforce workplace laws. Further details about our functions and approach are included in our Purpose and our Compliance and Enforcement Policy, which are both available on the FWO website.

In 2018–19, we recovered over $40.2 million in unpaid wages for more than 17,000 workers through requests for assistance involving a workplace dispute and FWO-initiated activities. These recoveries were the result of:

  • 29,130 requests for assistance involving a workplace dispute, of which:
    • 96% (27,874) were resolved through education and dispute resolution activities, recovering more than $26.9 million
    • 4% (1256) were resolved through compliance activities, recovering almost $8.7 million.
  • 3535 FWO-initiated activities including evidence-based investigations and inquiries in sectors at high risk of non-compliance. We recovered more than $4.6 million through these activities.

We also issued 98 media releases over the year that reported on our compliance and enforcement activities.