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Corporate Board

The Corporate Board makes key strategic and operational decisions on financial and corporate matters, and ensures compliance with the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, Public Service Act 1999 and other Commonwealth legislation and government policies.

The Corporate Board is chaired by the Fair Work Ombudsman and consists of the SES Band 2 Officers from each Group.

The Corporate Board is supported by the following Committees:

  • The Accountability Committee has oversight of implementation of fraud controls, compliance with the Protective Security Policy Framework and decisions with respect to risks arising from the FWO’s customer commitment, data analytical methodologies and information management.
  • The Information Technology Committee has oversight, and makes recommendations for approval, of information and communications technology related matters and projects.
  • The People Committee makes strategic and operational decisions on matters related to people, and monitors compliance with people related legislative obligations.

Regular meetings also occur with the Registered Organisations Commissioner pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding.

Enforcement Board

The Enforcement Board is the key decision-making body established with respect to the powers and functions of the FWO under the Fair Work Act 2009. This Board sets the FWO's strategic compliance and enforcement priorities and determines education, research and compliance and enforcement activities in line with these. The Board steers implementation and evaluation of agreed annual compliance and enforcement activities.

The Enforcement Board is chaired by the Fair Work Ombudsman and consists of the Fair Work Ombudsman and the three Deputies.

SES Forum

Senior executives meet on a quarterly basis to discuss key strategic issues such as agency planning, professional development and other Entity-wide initiatives. Senior representatives from the FWO also meet regularly with representatives from the ROC pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee provides independent assurance to the Fair Work Ombudsman, as the accountable authority, on the FWO’s and ROC's financial and performance reporting, risk management framework, internal control systems, and legislation and policy compliance.

In 2018–19, the Audit and Risk Committee comprised three independent members (including the Chair) and one senior officer from the FWO. During the period, the committee considered internal reviews of:

  • payroll
  • Community Engagement Grants Program Administration
  • IT Applications and Investment
  • enforceable undertakings and compliance partnerships
  • property Management.

Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee reviews and provides recommendations for matters involving work health and safety, including implementing preventative initiatives and reporting on the implementation of relevant legislation and practices. Work health and safety outcomes are outlined at Work health and safety.

Business planning

Organisational goals are set out in our Corporate Plan and the FWO Purpose. These form the basis for the development of business plans which contain internal performance measures. Business plans provide a link between the Corporate Plan, strategic goals and individual performance plans.

Plans are updated to reflect changes in priorities, and performance against the plans is monitored by the Corporate Board and senior management. Our Corporate Plan and Purpose are made available to external stakeholders via our website and the Corporate Plan is submitted to the Department of Finance and Portfolio Minister annually.

Risk and fraud management

A risk management framework facilitates the identification and management of risks across operational and corporate areas and informs the internal audit plan. Owners are assigned to risks, and controls and treatments are identified through a strategic risk register.

Following consultation, an internal audit plan was developed for 2019–20 that targets identified risk areas. The Audit and Risk Committee reviews the plan and risk information.

Fraud controls and investigations

Our 2018–20 Fraud Control Plan and risk assessment enables us to manage and monitor identified fraud risks through prevention, detection and response initiatives.

All reasonable measures were taken to minimise fraud risk and to investigate possible fraud against the FWO and the ROC.