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Appendix B: Regional allocation

On 1 April 2019, the regional allocation model commenced, replacing a model of allocating work to Members based on industry panels.

Regional coordinators and regions

The Commissions operates in three regions, covering each state and territory in Australia. Each region is led by a Regional Coordinator, and supported by a Deputy Regional Coordinator.

Figure B1: The three regions

Snapshot image showcasing the three regions

National practice leaders

The Commission has eight national practice areas. These areas cover specialist case types and are overseen by a national practice leader. The practice leader has responsibility for allocating cases that fall within their practice area.

Table B1: National practice leaders

Case type



Unfair dismissals

Practice leader

Deputy President Clancy

Deputy practice leader

Commissioner Bissett

General protections

Practice leader

Deputy President Kovacic

Enterprise agreements

Practice leader

Commissioner Lee


Practice leader

Commissioner Hampton

New approaches

Practice leader

Deputy President Booth

Major projects1

Practice leader

Vice President Catanzariti


Practice leader

Senior Deputy President Hamberger

Commonwealth public sector

Practice leader

Vice President Catanzariti

1 Generally, a major project is a project with a value of at least $1 billion. However, projects of particular regional significance may be allocated to the practice area despite falling below the $1 billion threshold.