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Director’s message

As Acting Director of National Parks, I am pleased to present the collective achievements of Parks Australia, our joint Boards of Management and our other valued partners in this report.

This report presents our results and accomplishments against the strategies and performance criteria set out in the Director of National Parks Corporate Plan 2019–2023. The plan is the primary tool that focuses our people and resources to deliver our three purposes:

  • Resilient places and ecosystems
  • Multiple benefits for Traditional Owners and local communities
  • Amazing destinations

Dr James Findlay was the appointed Director of National Parks during the 2019–20 financial year. I want to take this opportunity to thank him for his many contributions to Parks Australia.

As well as reading this annual report I encourage you to explore what we have planned for 2020–21 by reading our corporate plan at:


This year has been one of resilience and adaptability. Over the summer, severe weather events including the black summer bushfires and hailstorms, forced the closure of the Australian National Botanic Gardens and Booderee National Park. Additionally, impacts from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will continue to have far reaching impacts on the way the agency operates. In response, we prioritized the safety of the public, Indigenous and local communities and staff, through further closures of our places, and by transitioning to working from home arrangements for our staff.

I acknowledge the continued work of Parks Australia towards the conservation of the natural and cultural values of the areas in our care. We remain committed to this vital ongoing work during the period ahead.

James Larsen

Acting Director of National Parks

The Uluṟu climb is now permanently closed (Image: Parks Australia). Photograph of the new ‘permanently closed’ sign at the base of the Uluṟu climb.