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The Director is the sole agency with statutory functions and powers for managing Commonwealth parks and gardens under the EPBC Act. The EPBC Act makes provision for funding the Director of National Parks. The Department allocates funding from its appropriation for the performance of the Director’s function to manage Commonwealth parks and gardens and the Director’s other functions under the EPBC Act. This enables the Director to contribute to the Department’s Outcome 1:

Management of Commonwealth reserves as outstanding natural places that enhance Australia’s well-being through the protection and conservation of their natural and cultural values, supporting the aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in managing their traditional land and sea country, and offering world class natural and cultural visitor experiences.

During 2019–2020 the Department provided $45.572 million to the Director of National Parks as per Portfolio Budget Statements. Director of National Parks received additional funding of $4.589 million through the Support for Coronavirus-Affect Regions and Communities package. This arrangement was effective, providing resources to enable the Director to meet the targets set in the Environment and Energy Portfolio Budget Statements 2019–20.

Related entity transactions

The Director of National Parks is not an accountable authority, or a director of the board of any other Commonwealth entity or company. As such there were no payments made to any related entities in 2019–20.