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Reporting on our performance

Our Corporate Plan 2019–23 describes the key activities we planned for 2019–20 to work towards our purpose and achieve our intended outcome.

We report on how we performed during the year in relation to our purpose and program, and our effectiveness in achieving our intended outcome by reviewing the success measures in our Corporate Plan 2019–23, which align with the performance criteria in our Portfolio Budget Statement 2019–20.


In our performance results we sometimes reference stages in the Australian Government’s service design and delivery process. There are four stages in this process, which focuses on understanding the needs of users so that we design and deliver better solutions:

  • Discovery – The purpose of Discovery is to get a deep understanding of the problems users are trying to solve and what they need a service to do.
  • Alpha – This is an experimental stage of testing hypotheses reached in the Discovery phase. It is an opportunity to discover new things and find out how well prototypes meet the actual needs of users.
  • Beta – This stage focuses on building a minimum viable product defined at the end of the Alpha stage and continuing to iterate until it is ready to test, first with users in a private Beta and then in a public Beta.
  • Live – This stage involves releasing and continuing to improve the new service based on user feedback. Existing services and products are also retired during this stage.