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About us

The DTA aims to improve the user experience for all Australians accessing government information and services. We do this by leading the design, development and continual enhancement of whole-of-government service delivery policies and standards, platforms and joined-up services.

Purpose in 2019–20

We lead digital transformation in government to make services simple, smart and user-focused.

Role and functions

To accelerate the digital transformation of government we:

  • provide strategic leadership on whole-of-government and shared ICT and digital services, including sourcing and capability development
  • deliver policies, standards and platforms for whole-of-government and shared ICT and digital service delivery
  • provide advice to agencies and the Government on ICT and digital investment proposals
  • oversee significant ICT and digital investments, assurance policy and framework, and the whole-of-government digital portfolio.

Priorities in 2019–20

  1. Deliver whole-of-government strategies, policies and advice to support the Government’s digital and ICT agenda.
  2. Design, deliver and support common, government-wide platforms and services that enable digital transformation.
  3. Deliver a program of digital and ICT capability improvement, including sourcing, to enhance capability and skills across the APS.
  4. Drive collaboration and partnerships to enable and accelerate the digital transformation of government services.


The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) was originally established within the Communications portfolio in March 2015. In September 2015, the agency moved to the Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio, and in October 2016 the DTA was formed, absorbing the former DTO and taking on extended functions including oversight of major ICT projects. The following year, we took on responsibility for whole-of-government ICT coordinated procurement.

In May 2019, the DTA moved to work alongside Services Australia in the Social Services Portfolio, following the Prime Minister’s announcement that Services Australia would be established to drive greater efficiencies and integration of government service delivery and make best use of technology and digital applications.

Portfolio and minister

The DTA is an Executive Agency in the Social Services Portfolio. Our minister is the Hon Stuart Robert MP, Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Minister for Government Services.

Agency structure

Digital Transformation Agency organisation structure, 30 June 2020

Chief Executive Officer

Randall Brugeaud

Chief Portfolio Officer

Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Digital Officer

Digital governance and investment

Digital strategy and capability

Digital delivery and operations

Joanne Hutchinson

Scott Cass-Dunbar

Peter Alexander

Chief Executive Officer, Randall Brugeaud

Randall Brugeaud was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the DTA on 1 July 2018.

Randall has spent more than 30 years working in a range of public and private sector roles, with a focus on transformation. His public sector experience has spanned large, medium and small organisations. Randall’s private sector experience includes more than a decade working with the Boston Consulting Group and a private IT consulting firm, which he founded and operated.

Before joining the DTA, Randall was Deputy Australian Statistician and Chief Operating Officer at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Before that he was Chief Information Officer at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Randall holds a Master of Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Computing and a Bachelor of Education. He is also a Senior Executive Fellow of the Harvard Kennedy School.

As Chief Executive Officer, Randall is responsible for leading our agency to ensure we deliver digital transformation in government, in accordance with our agency’s establishing order and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

Chief Portfolio Officer, Joanne Hutchinson Digital governance and investment

Joanne joined the DTA in late-2018. She has extensive Australian Government experience in policy development, procurement, and design and delivery of public services in areas such as employment, youth, health and disability, as well as whole-of-government policies and processes.

Before joining the DTA, Joanne was a senior executive at the former Department of Jobs and Small Business.

Joanne holds a Master of Public Policy, a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Communications, a Graduate Certificate in Project Management and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy). Joanne is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Responsibilities include strategic policy and coordination, digital governance and engagement, ministerial and parliamentary engagement, digital investment strategies and coordination, agency engagement and advice, and data and analysis.

Chief Strategy Officer, Scott Cass-Dunbar (from 9 June 2020) Digital strategy and capability

Scott joined the DTA in June 2020. An experienced digital professional, Scott has more than 20 years’ experience working as a consultant and public servant on complex technology-enabled transformation, and developing and enabling digital strategy.

Before joining DTA, Scott was a partner in a global consultancy firm. He worked in government and private sector digital consultancies on a wide variety of digital initiatives and strategy definition.

Scott holds Scott holds a Bachelor of Economics (SocSci), majoring in Government and Public Administration from the University of Sydney.

Responsibilities include whole-of-government digital strategy, whole-of-government architecture, experience and innovation, and building digital capability across government.

Note: Jonathon Thorpe acted in the position from 10 February to the end of June 2020. He has extensive public sector experience, working across large service delivery agencies, with more than 10 years in executive roles. Prior to that, Anthony Vlasic held the role from July 2019 until he left the DTA in late January 2020.

Chief Digital Officer, Peter Alexander Digital delivery and operations

Peter joined the DTA in late-2016. He has extensive Australian Government experience delivering policy, services, change programs, government collaboration, financial management, security and corporate management.

Before joining the DTA, Peter was the Chief Information Officer of the Treasury and a senior executive in the Department of Finance.

Peter holds a Master of Business Informatics (IT), Graduate Diploma in Information Systems, a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and is a Fellow of Certified Practicing Accountants.

Responsibilities include strategic sourcing and sourcing transformation, digital sourcing, digital infrastructure service, corporate and enabling services, and joint agency taskforces.

Operating environment

Our operating environment is complex and fluid. The pace of technological change opens up new opportunities to radically re-think how government services are designed and delivered.

Australians expect government services to be simple, smart and focused on their needs. To meet these expectations, we must be innovative, practical and user-focused in our work. We need to constantly test new ideas, tools and practices and assist APS agencies to improve people’s experience of government services.

COVID-19 has had a profound impact, but it has also accelerated digital delivery. Digital is integral to Australia’s COVID-19 response and recovery.

Continuity and scalability of government services have never been more important. We also champion the smarter use of data in designing and delivering personalised digital services that better meet user needs.

Digital transformation requires high levels of coordination and collaboration across government and the private sector. We will continue to work effectively across government and the private sector to understand our operating environment, identify opportunities for improvement, set directions, and actively manage delivery risks.


Digital transformation is a shared responsibility. Achieving our purpose requires close collaboration with our many partners and stakeholders.

We work most closely with Australian Government agencies and the people who access government digital services. We also work with state, territory and international governments, advisory and oversight bodies as well as industry and academia to innovate and drive digital transformation across government.

We cooperate with a broad range of stakeholders, nationally and internationally, to explore and share leading digital practices. We lead communities of practice and support research, user testing and trials to deliver better government services.

In 2019–20 we supported the Australian Data and Digital Council, which focuses on improving outcomes for customers by driving cross-jurisdictional collaboration to improve service delivery and policy outcomes. The Digital Leadership Group, which is chaired by our CEO, comprises senior Chief Information Officers from across the APS. This group provides strategic leadership for the Government’s digital transformation and ICT programs.

Building the digital capability of the APS is a priority, and we work with academia, industry and government agencies, such as the Australian Public Service Commission, to achieve this.