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2019–20 performance highlights

  • $7.4B value of Government’s active IT projects (as at January 2020)
  • $1.5B value of new proposals
  • 18.7M active myGov accounts
  • 1.4M users of digital identity for 70 government services
  • 29M visits to australia.gov.au from March to June 2020
  • 4M downloads of the Coronavirus Australia information app
  • 6.5M registered users of the COVIDSafe tracing app
  • 800 people participated in APS digital and ICT capability training
  • $1.5B in contracts awarded through Digital Marketplace
  • 70% of Digital Marketplace contracts awarded to SMEs
  • 36 agencies engaged with on 50 digital and ICT-enabled initiatives
  • 26 agencies engaged with on 48 in-flight projects