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About us

The DTA is an Executive Agency within the Social Services Portfolio. We lead whole-of-government digital and ICT strategy, policy and advice to ensure government services are well designed and user-focused.


Our purpose is to accelerate the digital transformation of government by:

  • encouraging coordinated investment in digital services
  • helping to transform the experience of people and businesses dealing with government
  • improving the return on ICT and digital investment.

Role and functions

To accelerate the digital transformation of government we:

  • provide strategic and policy leadership on whole-of-government and shared digital and ICT service delivery, including ICT procurement policy
  • design, develop, coordinate, deliver and monitor policies, standards, services and delivery platforms for whole-of-government and shared digital and ICT service delivery
  • coordinate the funding of whole-of-government and shared digital and ICT service delivery platforms
  • oversee significant digital and ICT investments
  • provide advice to the Minister on whole-of-government and shared digital and ICT service delivery proposals.


Our strategic priorities for 2018–19 were:

  1. delivery of a Digital Transformation Strategy and Roadmap, looking out to 2025
  2. a program of digital capability improvement, including sourcing reform
  3. delivery of whole-of-government digital platforms such as Digital Identity, Notifications, Tell Us Once and improvements to myGov
  4. delivery of investment advice, an assurance policy and framework, and whole-of-government portfolio oversight on ICT and digital investments.


The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) was originally established within the Communications portfolio in March 2015. In September 2015, the agency moved to the Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio, and in October 2016 the DTA was formed, absorbing the former DTO and taking on extended functions including oversight of major ICT projects. The following year, we took on responsibility for whole-of-government ICT coordinated procurement.

In May 2019, the DTA moved to work alongside Services Australia in the Social Services Portfolio, following the Prime Minister’s announcement that Services Australia would be established to drive greater efficiencies and integration of government service delivery and make best use of technology and digital applications.

Portfolio and minister

From 29 May 2019 we were accountable to the Hon Stuart Robert MP, Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Minister for Government Services.

For most of the reporting year, we were an Executive Agency within the Prime Minister and Cabinet Portfolio, accountable to the Hon Michael Keenan MP, the former Minister for Human Services and Digital Transformation.

Agency structure

Digital Transformation Agency organisation structure, 30 June 2019

Chief Executive Officer

Randall Brugeaud

Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Portfolio Officer

Chief Digital Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Digital strategy and capability

Digital investment

Digital Delivery

Corporate and enabling services

Anthony Vlasic

Joanne Hutchinson

Peter Alexander

George-Philip de Wet

Randall Brugeaud

Randall Brugeaud
Chief Executive Officer

Randall Brugeaud was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the DTA on 1 July 2018.

Randall has spent almost 30 years working in a range of public and private sector roles, with a focus on transformation. His public sector experience has spanned large, medium and small organisations. Randall’s private sector experience includes more than a decade working with the Boston Consulting Group and a private IT consulting firm, which he founded and operated.

Before joining the DTA, Randall was Deputy Australian Statistician and Chief Operating Officer at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Before that he was Chief Information Officer at the former Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Randall holds a Master of Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Computing and a Bachelor of Education. He is also a Senior Executive Fellow of the Harvard Kennedy School.

As Chief Executive Officer, Randall is responsible for leading our agency to ensure we deliver digital transformation in government, in accordance with our agency’s establishing order and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

Anthony Vlasic

Anthony Vlasic
Chief Strategy Officer

Anthony joined the DTA in late-2017. He has more than 20 years’ experience working in a range of predominantly private sector roles in financial services and consulting.

Before joining the DTA, Anthony was an executive at the Westpac Banking Corporation where he spent more than 10 years in senior roles covering strategy, transformation, program delivery, sourcing and technology. Prior to joining Westpac, he was a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and an academic at the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Anthony holds a PhD (Management) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons).

Responsibilities include digital and ICT strategy, capability uplift, and strategic sourcing such as coordinated procurements with large vendors and whole-of-government panels for digital and ICT products and services.

Joanne Hutchinson

Joanne Hutchinson
Chief Portfolio Officer

Joanne joined the DTA in late-2018. She has extensive Australian Government experience in policy development, procurement, and design and delivery of public services in areas such as employment, youth, health and disability, as well as whole-of-government policies and processes.

Before joining the DTA, Joanne was a senior executive at the former Department of Jobs and Small Business.

Joanne holds a Master of Public Policy, a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Communications, a Graduate Certificate in Project Management and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy). Joanne is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Responsibilities include agency engagement and investment advice, performance reporting and portfolio coordination and analysis

Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander
Chief Digital Officer

Peter joined the DTA in late-2016. He has extensive Australian Government experience delivering policy, services, change programs, government collaboration, financial management, security and corporate management.

Before joining the DTA, Peter was the Chief Information Officer of the Treasury and a senior executive in the Department of Finance.

Peter holds a Master of Business Informatics (IT), Graduate Diploma in Information Systems, a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and is a Fellow of Certified Practicing Accountants.

Responsibilities include whole-of-government digital delivery including myGov, Digital Identity, platforms, Government Experience program and digital products and services.

George-Philip de Wet

George-Philip de Wet
Chief Operating Officer

GP joined the DTA in late-2016 after spending 10 years working across a number of Australian Government agencies in a range of corporate finance roles.

Before joining the DTA, GP acted as Chief Financial Officer for the Treasury. Prior to joining the public service, GP worked in the private sector both in Australia and abroad. He has experience in the delivery of resource prioritisation initiatives, business process improvement and budget and financial strategy.

GP is a Certified Practising Accountant and CPA Fellow. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from the Australian National University.

Responsibilities include ministerial and parliamentary liaison, human resources, finance, communications and media, content and brand, and business services.

Operating environment

Across the globe, digital is changing the way people, business and governments work and interact. It is providing growing amounts of data and smarter ways of gaining insights. It is driving investment as organisations adapt their business models and service offerings to meet the changing needs and expectations of the community.

People expect government to keep pace and meet the highest standards of service delivery and customer experience.

We must respond in an agile and effective way to deliver better services, policies and experiences that meet the community’s needs and expectations for simple, clear and fast public services.

To deliver seamless, joined up digital services, government needs to connect many agencies and services behind the scenes. This is a challenging and complex environment, where the DTA’s success in accelerating the digital transformation of government depends on effective collaboration with partner agencies delivering key outcomes. Success also depends on government and industry having the necessary skills to drive this transformation.

We support agencies to deliver on digital transformation by providing leadership, advice and oversight to ensure well-designed services that deliver a better experience for customers and improved return on investment for government. We also help build digital capability across the APS to reduce the growing skills gap.


During the year we strengthened our stakeholder relationships, ensuring our role was clear and explaining how we focus our efforts in areas where we can have the greatest impact.

To challenge and change the way services are traditionally delivered, we work closely with stakeholders across all levels of government, industry and academia.

We engage with international colleagues to continue learning from and applying global best practice to digital transformation in Australia.

As we are committed to improving people’s experience of government services, we also regularly do research with the people who will use these services, and user testing through both private and public trials with customers.

Shows how the DTA's stakeholders interact with the DTA.
DTA stakeholders
Our partnerships help us lead, guide and accelerate change across government towards a common goal, and embed digital thinking. Partnerships range from providing short-term specialist skills, support and training to long-term collaborations to deliver major new digital services.

We also lead communities of practice, manage in-house product delivery teams, and build agile delivery teams inside other agencies.

The Australian Digital Council (now called the Australian Data and Digital Council) is an important government body. It focuses on improving outcomes for customers by driving cross-jurisdictional collaboration to improve service delivery and policy outcomes. The Digital Leadership Group, which is chaired by our Chief Executive Officer, comprises senior Chief Information Officers from across the APS. This group provides strategic leadership for the government’s digital transformation and ICT programs.