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2017-18 highlights

Digital transformation roadmap

  • Began work on a digital transformation strategy and roadmap for the Commonwealth:
    • canvassed views of 500 stakeholders in 30 agencies
    • developed specific transformation roadmaps for individuals and businesses
    • assessed digital maturity of 28 agencies
  • Delivered Secure Cloud Strategy and Content Strategy
  • Started work on whole-of-government platforms and hosting strategies

Digital platforms

  • Updated Trusted Digital Identity Framework and released for public consultation
  • Consulted with stakeholders and prepared to pilot GovPass digital identity ecosystem
  • Researched and began trialling prototypes of Notifications and Tell Us Once platforms
  • Improved data.gov.au and National Map

Return on investment

  • Advised on proposals for new ICT and digital investment to check they:
    • aligned with government direction for digital services, procurement and improved returns
    • reduced risk by moving to smaller, more easily managed ICT projects
  • Advice led to agencies considering whole-of-government services or infrastructure for shared capability instead of in-house systems
  • Monitored 84 projects valued at $7.76 billion:
    • 63 per cent investing in major transformation—up from 58 per cent last year
  • Four whole-of-government platforms already delivering positive return on investment:
    • Secure Cloud Strategy and cloud.gov.au, Google Analytics, data.gov.au, National Map

Transform procurement

  • Delivered the ICT Procurement Taskforce report and began implementing recommendations—including working with government agencies to co-design Digital Sourcing Framework
  • Total of 643 procurement opportunities published on the Digital Marketplace
    • 134 million in contracts, 74 per cent awarded to 171 SMEs
  • Established new whole-of-government arrangements with IBM, SAP and Concur Holdings, started preparing whole-of-government arrangement with Oracle

Improve capability

  • Delivered training to more than 2000 public servants to increase ICT and digital capability
  • Placed 135 new people in 16 agencies through Digital Entry Level Programs
  • Published Design System framework and tools to improve government websites:
    • 186,000 components downloaded, 13 live projects using system