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2017-18 performance summary

Priority 1: Develop a digital transformation roadmap

Success measure 1.1: Increase the proportion of services that are delivered digitally and improve the user experience

Achieved. We provided advice on possible future investments and guidance on digital transformation priorities and areas where investment could drive high-value changes.

Success measure 1.2: Improve the user experience with existing digital services.

Achieved. We collected baseline data on high volume services and began work to improve user experience for life events that require access to government services.

Performance criteria: Develop a whole-of-government ICT strategy and digital transformation roadmap.

Partially achieved. We consulted widely to develop and circulate the alpha (first) draft of the strategy for comment. We also began updating the supporting Digital Transformation Roadmap and developed two sector-specific roadmaps for digital transformation for business and individuals over the next two years.

Performance criteria: Develop and deliver a detailed DTA engagement plan that will be implemented around key initiatives.

Partially achieved. Rather than developing an engagement plan around key initiatives, we improved our engagement approach with the flexibility to update our planning in line with the changing nature

of our work.

Priority 2: Deliver and improve digital platforms

Success measure 2.1: New whole-of-government digital platforms are developed to provide better infrastructure for government agencies.

Achieved. We produced alpha prototypes of new platforms related to government notifications and allowing people to tell government once about changes in their personal circumstances. We also began work on the federated data exchange and digital identity ecosystem.

Success measure 2.2: Improve return on investment for Government from digital platforms.

Achieved. Several platforms are already providing an improved return on investment, and we began compiling a baseline of platforms and identifying

those in direct competition.

Success measure 2.3: Improve the user experience for myGov.

Achieved. We continued to improve the user experience for myGov.

Priority 3: Oversee and advise on ICT and digital investment

Success measure 3.1: Oversight of significant ICT and digital investments and recommendations provided to agencies to improve design, prioritisation and delivery of ICT projects.

Achieved. We reviewed and monitored significant projects, provided advice on new investments, assessed the wider digital investment portfolio, and directly engaged with agencies to help with design and set up major ICT projects for best success.

Performance criteria: Establish a whole-of-government ICT and digital program management office to design and build reporting requirements, improve governance, and risk management standards. Provide analysis and advice to government on ICT and digital investments.

Achieved. We established an ICT and digital program management office, called the Digital Investment Management Office. We began regular data collection and provided targeted governance advice to agencies

Priority 4: Transform ICT and digital procurement

Success measure 4.1: Greater value for money delivered on government ICT spend and improved procurement practices across government.

Achieved. We delivered the ICT Procurement Taskforce report. We worked with agencies to co-design the Digital Sourcing Framework for ICT Procurement, increased competition through the Digital Marketplace, and established whole‐of‐government ICT arrangements.

Priority 5: Build Australian Public Service ICT and digital capability

Success measure 5.1: In partnership with the APSC, improve the digital capability of staff across the APS to better position government to develop and maintain quality digital services.

Achieved. We developed and delivered training to more than 2000 employees, developed learning standards, brought in fresh talent through Digital Entry Level Programs and published tools and guidance.