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Procurement initiatives to support small business

We support small business participation in the Commonwealth Government Procurement market. SMEs and small enterprise participation statistics are available on the Department of Finance’s website.

In addition, the DTA operates the Digital Marketplace. The Digital Marketplace is an initiative under the National Innovation and Science Agenda, with the purpose of making it easier for smaller businesses to compete for the government’s information and communications technology (ICT) products and services.

Our procurement practices support SMEs by adopting whole-of‐government solutions to simplify interactions with SMEs. This includes using the Commonwealth Contracting Suite for low-risk procurements valued under $200,000. This reduces process costs for SMEs by creating contracting consistency and simplifying liability, insurance and indemnity requirements.

We recognise the importance of ensuring that small businesses are paid on time. The DTA applies the Government’s Supplier Pay on Time or Pay Interest Policy to pay invoices no later than 30 days following the receipt of a correctly rendered tax invoice valued at $1 million or less.