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Analysis of performance against purpose

Our assessment is that we largely met our performance measures to achieve our purpose of accelerating digital transformation of government in 2017–18. We achieved nine measures and made significant progress on the remaining two. Our partial achievement in some areas was largely related to focusing on more immediate priorities earlier in the year before reprioritising to begin work on other major projects as the year progressed. At the same time, we also embedded changes to our organisation and adjusted our purpose to reflect our wider range of responsibilities in our first full year operating as the Digital Transformation Agency.

We consider that, overall, we accelerated the transformation of government by:

  • encouraging investment in digital services—including by working on a whole-of-government digital transformation strategy and roadmap, advising on proposed new projects and priority areas, and engaging with stakeholders across government, industry and academia
  • helping to transform the user experience for people and business—including by collecting baseline data, working on new platforms, improving existing platforms, guiding and working with agencies to improve digital service design and delivery to set projects up for best success, and building digital capability across the Australian Public Service
  • improving the return on information and communications (ICT) and digital investment—including by monitoring and advising on significant projects, working with agencies to co‐design an improved sourcing framework for ICT procurement, increasing competition in the marketplace, and establishing whole‐of‐government arrangements.