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How we measured our performance in 2019-20

The department has a wide range of responsibilities within the social services portfolio and works with a diverse range of stakeholders. As a predominately policy agency, the vast majority of our performance is measured through our impact on effectiveness.

The department’s 2019–20 Performance Framework is outlined in Table 2.0.1. It is based around the department’s four outcomes across: Social Security, Families and Communities, Disability and Carers and Housing and Homelessness.

At the program level our performance criteria (as outlined in the 2019-20 Portfolio Budget Statements) relies on having strong and clear agreements in place with our service delivery partners.

At the key activity level the department uses a three step categorisation system with outcomes, intermediate outcomes and/or outputs, which are all supported by performance indicators. The performance criteria is grouped around similar policy and outcome themes (e.g. financial self-reliance, individual and family functioning).

Table 2.0.1: The department’s Performance Framework 2019-20


Measure Hierarchy

Performance criteria


Outcome / Purpose (Social Security, Families and Communities, Disability and Carers, Housing and Homelessness)

Outcome — What did we achieve?


Indicator theme

Indicator theme

Intermediate Outcome — How well did we do?


Indicator theme

Indicator theme

Output — How much did we do?

Delivery measures

Number of outputs

Administered outlays