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Performance outlook

In 2018–19 the Table Office will continue to serve as the secretariat to the Senate, and to certain committees.

The existing timeframes set for the provision of various services continue to remain appropriate with a few minor adjustments, as will be reflected in the 2018–19 office work plan, and reporting of non-compliance on an exception basis will be undertaken to monitor performance (and various statistics will continue to be collected).

The office will also continue to support various ICT related activities, including contributing to the ongoing maintenance, enhancements and testing of existing systems, as well involvement in projects such as the development of a new system to facilitate the electronic receipt and publication of tabled documents which will commence in August 2018.

The key staffing focus for the next reporting period will continue to be the sharing of skills and knowledge among staff in the office, as well as bringing in staff from other areas of the department from time-to-time, to ensure that expertise in relation to specific tasks is not unduly concentrated.