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The Table Office provided support for the Senate on each of its 57 sitting days in this reporting period. All performance results, as outlined in the above table, were achieved within relevant timeframes. Project work was completed or has continued as forecast.

Much of the work of the Table Office involves direct contact with senators and their staff, as well as other clients. This presents an ongoing opportunity to receive and respond to ad hoc feedback about the services provided by the office. In addition, a formal survey of senators’ satisfaction with services was conducted in this reporting period. The results indicated a high level of satisfaction (similar to the results of the March 2017 survey), with 96 per cent of responses indicating that services provided were either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ (the other options being ‘poor’ or N/A’) with the clear majority being ‘excellent’.

The survey assisted the office to identify areas for improvement and a number of changes to processes were implemented as a result.

Staff numbers remained steady during the reporting period, with an average full-time equivalent (FTE) level of 13.3. The cost of the office was $2.3m ($2.5m in 2016–17).