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Performance outlook

In 2018–19, SPIO will continue to publish and make accessible the Senate’s information.

The office will also continue to work with DPS to progress various ICT related projects designed to strengthen and streamline the systems and resources that enable our work, including:

  • enhancements to the ParlWork application and other web based resources
  • redesigning the Notice Paper and Journals of the Senate
  • the Online Tabled Documents Project (in collaboration with the Senate Table Office, DPS, the Department of the House of Representatives and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet) which will develop a system to receive and publish digital copies of tabled documents to significantly streamline the receipt, tabling and publication of thousands of documents each year, and
  • a project to integrate the estimates questions on notice database and the whole of government Parliamentary Document Management System (in collaboration with the Department of Finance), to streamline information exchange between the department and executive government agencies.