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Performance outlook

In the next reporting period a federal election will be called. During an election year it is usual for legislative activity and committee workloads to decrease. The number of requests for advice is also likely to fall. This period provides the department and the Clerk’s Office with the opportunity to focus on strategic developments, including reviewing the body of work produced in the 45th Parliament and setting priorities for the department to meet the demands of the new Parliament. The opening of a new Parliament will require attention, and programs will be established for incoming senators.

A supplement to the 14th edition of Odgers’ Australian Senate Practice will be produced, taking account of recent procedural developments, as well as the succession of High Court judgments relating to disqualification of senators.

In the area of governance the next year will see a new Usher of the Black Rod added to the management team. A revised Audit Committee charter will be finalised following the release of updated guidance from the government on the role of audit committees, and the department will continue to examine the maturity of its performance framework under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.