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Senators’ services

The Usher of the Black Rod and the Senators’ Services Section assist the President and Clerk on ceremonial and other occasions, and also provide chamber, committee room and message delivery services. Three officers from other sections of the department shadowed the chamber attendants to learn the job and provide additional support if required.

During the reporting period the section also provided certain office support services to senators, their staff and departmental staff.

The printing and delivery services section commenced printing the Notice Papers and Journals of the Senate. Over the period, service turnaround times were met consistently, ensuring that documents, including committee reports, were available when required. The section also provided a high standard of delivery services to senators, their staff and departmental staff. Scheduled run times were met for all deliveries.

The section facilitated 40 suite moves for senators in the Senate wing of Parliament House as a result of vacancies, and ministry and shadow ministry changes.

The furniture replacement project continued and approximately 75 per cent of suites have had their furniture replaced.

The section also represented the interests of senators and the department in relation to building projects that continued throughout the reporting period. One such project was the modification of a senator’s suite to improve accessibility and related adjustments to a senator’s place in the Senate chamber.