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Budget outcomes and program structure

In achieving PM&C’s purposes for 2020–21, we worked to deliver against the key priorities outlined in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2020–21 (PBS) and Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2020–21. Our Corporate Plan 2020–24 articulated how these key priorities would be achieved and how achievement and success would be measured.

Table 1.1: Purposes, outcome and program

Purpose 1

Growing our economy, incomes and creating jobs

Outcome 1

Provide high quality policy advice and support to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, Portfolio Ministers and Assistant Ministers including through the coordination of government activities, policy development and program delivery.

Program 1.1

Prime Minister and Cabinet

Purpose 2

Vibrant and resilient regions

Purpose 3

Strengthening families and communities

Purpose 4

Enhancing Australia’s international and national security

Purpose 5

Governing well

Purpose 6

Preparing well to respond to critical issues