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Budget commentary

for the period ended 30 June 2021

Departmental budget variance

The below table provides commentary for significant variances between PM&C’s original budget estimates, as published in the 2020-21 Portfolio Budget Statements, and the actual expenditure and net asset position for the year.

Explanation of major variances

Affected line items and statement

Additional taskforces: The ongoing use of taskforces resulted in higher supplier expenses and own-source revenue (for seconded employees from other government entities) than was budgeted.

Supplier expense – Statement of Comprehensive Income

Resources received free of charge – Statement of Comprehensive Income

Suppliers – Cash Flow Statement

Depreciation and amortisation expense: Newly capitalised projects in 2020-21 contributed to depreciation and amortisation expenditure that was higher than budgeted.

Depreciation and amortisation – Statement of Comprehensive Income

Property, plant and equipment – Statement of Financial Position

Intangibles – Statement of Financial Position

Revenue from contracts with customer: Revenue for NIAA direct services relating to information and communications technology projects contributed to an increase in revenue that was higher than budgeted.

Revenue from contracts with customer – Statement of Comprehensive Income

Sale of goods and rendering of services – Cash Flow Statement

The above statement should be read in conjunction with the accompanying notes.