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Fraud prevention and control

PM&C maintains a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption. In recognition that the ongoing pandemic could have presented new opportunities for fraudulent behaviour, PM&C proactively undertook a review of its fraud and corruption control settings in 2020. No perceived or actual instances of fraud were identified within PM&C in 2020–21. In 2021, PM&C published its Fraud and Corruption Control Plan 2021–2023 (FCCP), which is publicly available on the PM&C website. The FCCP sets out our approach to defining, controlling, finding and reporting on matters of fraud and corruption in PM&C.

In 2021, our approach to fraud detection and prevention was reinforced by updating and strengthening PM&C’s online e-learning induction training for all new employees and annual refresher training. The modules align to the updated FCCP.

PM&C remains committed to preventing, detecting and responding to instances of real and suspected fraud. Anyone who believes that a fraudulent activity has occurred within PM&C is encouraged to report it by submitting a fraud contact form on the PM&C website.