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In 2019–20, PM&C undertook procurement and purchasing activities in accordance with the principles set out in the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs).

The CPRs were applied to PM&C’s procurement activities through the Accountable Authority Instructions, supporting operational guidelines and procurement framework. PM&C procurements were also supported by the provision of centralised advice on all procurement matters. This ensured that PM&C undertook competitive, non-discriminatory procurement processes; used resources efficiently, effectively, economically and ethically; and made decisions in an accountable manner.

In 2019–20, PM&C awarded 49 new contracts over $10,000 to Indigenous businesses. This represented 9.5 per cent of all PM&C contracts awarded with a value over $10,000. The total estimated value of contracts PM&C awarded to Indigenous businesses in 2019–20 was
$10.5 million, or 12 per cent of total contract value.

PM&C’s standard contract templates included provisions allowing the Auditor-General to have access to the relevant contractor’s premises. Contracts of $100,000 or greater (inclusive of GST) that were let during 2019–20 provided for the Auditor-General to have access to the relevant contractor’s premises where appropriate.

There were no contracts in 2019–20 in excess of $10,000 (inclusive of GST) that were exempt from being reported on AusTender on the basis that they would disclose exempt matters under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Information on procurements expected to be undertaken in 2020–21 through an open approach to market is published in PM&C’s annual procurement plan, available on the AusTender website (www.tenders.gov.au).