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Fraud prevention and control

PM&C’s Fraud and Corruption Control Plan articulates how we prevent, detect, investigate and report on fraud and links to our risk management framework. PM&C takes a zero-tolerance approach to internal and external fraud and corruption. We encourage a culture characterised by the highest standards of integrity.

Our fraud awareness strategy includes induction training for new staff, followed by refresher training every two years. The training is delivered in a number of ways, including online e-learning and face-to-face. Training can be tailored to meet the needs of individual branches or divisions and is available on a needs basis.

Suspected fraud (both internal and external) can be reported to fraud [at] pmc.gov.au or our Fraud and Advice Hotline (02 6152 3598). All allegations, including those involving departmental funds, are assessed and, if required, investigated. The fraud risks and lessons learned, identified throughout the investigation process, are recorded and communicated to the relevant program area, the Regional Network and the Audit Committee.