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Appendix E: Correction of material errors in previous annual report

On page 12 of the Annual Report 2018–19, Program 1.2 was incorrectly identified as Program 2. There are no consequences for this transcription error.

On page 67 the content for measures 19 and 20 of Performance Criterion 7— Design Integrity Performance—were incorrectly transposed.

On page 148 the Employee turnover rate (total) was reported as 17.1. This should have been 17.1%.

On page 148 the number of Senior Executive Service (SES) officers covered by determinations under subsection 24(1) of the PS Act was reported as 19. Only 13 SES were covered by determinations under 24(1) of the PS Act six employees were acting SES Band 1, were not covered by a determination.

On pages 201 to 204 and 211, in Tables 44, 45, 46, 47, 54 and 55, the Northern Territory and External Territories were not listed. DPS only operates in the ACT.