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List of figures

List of figures

Figure Number


Figure 1

Departmental operating expenses by function area

Figure 2

Organisation chart (as at 30 June 2020)

Figure 3

Number of services provided

Figure 4

Building occupant satisfaction survey results by service category (satisfied or neutral rating)

Figure 5

Hansard timeliness

Figure 6

Percentage of Library Service KPIs set out in the annual Library Resource Agreement

Figure 7

Average ICT service standards levels

Figure 8

Visitor numbers

Figure 9

Visitor satisfaction

Figure 10


Figure 11

Percentage of building areas reviewed that are assessed as being in good or better condition

Figure 12

Critical engineering systems

Figure 13

Percentage of landscape areas reviewed and assessed as being in good or better condition

Figure 14

Capital works projects in delivery and expenditure

Figure 15

Parliamentary Library organisation chart (as at 30 June 2020)

Figure 16

Parliamentary Library budget (resource agreement) and expenditure 2016–17 to 2019–20

Figure 17

Parliamentary Library budget 2005–06 to 2019–20

Figure 18

Distribution of client service hours by service type 2019-20

Figure 19

Client requests—relative indicators

Figure 20

Newspaper clips added to ParlInfo Search by type 2019–20

Figure 21

Use of the print collection

Figure 22

DPS governance structure

Figure 23

DPS framework overview

Figure 24

DPS risk management framework

Figure 25

DPS workforce composition—30 June 2020

Figure 26

DPS employee working arrangements—30 June 2019

Figure 27

Breakdown of main waste types (recycling and non-recycling) in 2019–20