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DPS has focused on building internal capability through enhanced education and formal training programs for staff during 2019–20. As a result, DPS has evidenced increased awareness of procurement practices and financial frameworks. DPS’ frameworks are managed in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs), the PGPA Act and Rule and DPS’ Accountable Authority Instructions (AAIs).

Our primary procurement objectives are to:

  • ensure the principle of value for money is consistently obtained through:
    • encouraging competition
    • promoting efficient, economical and ethical use of resources, and
    • conducting DPS business in an environment of accountability and transparency.
  • support the business requirements of each branch within DPS, through 'better practice' procurement and contracting arrangements
  • encourage the use of Indigenous business and support the Indigenous Procurement Policy, and
  • engage small and medium enterprises and local businesses wherever this is practical and consistent with the achievement of value for money.

DPS has a specialist procurement unit, which ensures that:

  • established guidelines and procedures are observed by DPS staff undertaking procurement and contract management activities
  • statutory reporting responsibilities are met
  • contracting and tendering activities are appropriately monitored, and
  • ongoing training is provided to DPS Personnel who are involved in procurement and contract management activities.