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To provide high quality, impartial, timely and confidential information, analysis and advice to senators and members of the House of Representatives in support of their parliamentary and representational roles.


  • parliamentarians and their staff
  • parliamentary committees
  • the Governor-General
  • staff of parliamentary departments.


  • Presiding Officers—jointly vested with responsibility for the administration of the Department of Parliamentary Services, including the Parliamentary Library.
  • Joint Standing Committee on the Parliamentary Library—provides advice to the Presiding Officers on matters relating to the Library.
  • Parliamentary Librarian—statutory officer responsible for the control and management of the Library, reporting directly to the Presiding Officers and the Joint Standing Committee on the Parliamentary Library.


 2019–20 • 100% of parliamentarians used the Library’s services • 11,472 individual client requests completed • 302 research publications released, including 109 Bills Digest • 35 electorate offices visited • 5,740 new books and serial titles added to the catalogue • 49.6% of titles available online in full text • 178,555 items added to Library databases.

  • Parliamentary Librarian
    • Office of the Parliamentary Librarian
  • Research Branch
  • Library Collections and Databases Branch.

Resource Agreement: 2019–20

  • operational funding: $16.13 million
  • capital funding: $3.617 million
  • average staffing level: 143.32 FTE.


  • comprehensive library collection for reference and loan
  • media monitoring—press, broadcast and social media
  • confidential and tailored research and analysis
  • mapping (electoral, social-economic and demographic data)
  • assistance with parliamentary delegation briefings
  • research publications to help inform parliamentary debate, scrutiny and policy development
  • 24/7 access to online databases and services
  • Lectures and seminars and training.