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Outcome and programs

Outcome 1

Support the functions of Parliament and parliamentarians by providing professional services, advice and facilities, and maintain Parliament House.

The DPS 2019–20 Portfolio Budget Statements has two programs: Parliamentary Services and Parliament House Works Program.

Program 1.1—Parliamentary Services deliverables and intended results

Source: DPS Portfolio Budget Statements 2019–20, page 9 and 2019–20 Corporate Plan, pages 28, 30 and 32.

Respond to the changing needs of the Parliament

  • Implement efficient and effective infrastructure, systems and services to respond to the changing needs of the Parliament and parliamentarians.
  • Explore and develop innovative technology and systems for the delivery of timely information and services to parliamentarians.
  • Retain the Parliamentary Library’s position as our client’s preferred and trusted source of high-quality information, analysis and advice.

Enhance the Parliament’s engagement with the community

  • Enhance our visitor experience and community engagement including the use of social media and emerging technologies.
  • Enhance electronic access to parliamentary information for the community to easily engage with the parliamentary process.
  • Champion opportunities for parliamentary strengthening.

Effective stewardship of Australian Parliament House

  • Ensure adaptations of the building’s uses are strategic, appropriate and reference design integrity principles.
  • Ensure a secure environment while maintaining public accessibility.
  • Effectively manage all assets within Parliament House, including collections.
  • Maintain Parliament House and the precinct as befits its status as an iconic building and location of national significance.

Program 1.2—Parliament House Works Program's deliverables and intended results

Source: DPS Portfolio Budget Statements 2019–20, page 10 and 2019–20 Corporate Plan, page 34.

Effective delivery of the Parliament House works program

  • Effectively manage the Parliament House Capital Works Plan.
  • Effectively deliver the Security Upgrade Implementation Plan.