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Glossary of terms


The next step in the evolution of mobile wireless communications technology, promising improved connectivity, greater network speeds and bandwidth, and very low latency.

Administered item

A component of an administered program.

Administrative Arrangements Order

A document that provides for the arrangements of government administration, including the matters that are dealt with by each department and the legislation administered by each Minister.

Air services arrangements

Treaty-level aviation agreements negotiated with international governments. Air services arrangements may contain provisions on the routes airlines can fly, the number of flights that can be operated, tariffs and the number of airlines designated to operate services.

Australian Public Service employee

A person engaged under section 22, or a person who is engaged as an Australian Public Service employee under section 72, of the Public Service Act 1999.

Black spot

A road site identified as a high-risk area for serious crashes.


Holders of a telecommunications carrier licence.

Classification Board

The body established under the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995 that classifies films, computer games and publications for exhibition, sale or hire in Australia.

CO2 emissions

Emissions of carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. Other greenhouse gases include nitrous oxide and methane. In vehicles, CO2 is the principal greenhouse gas emitted.

Corporate governance

The process by which entities are directed and controlled. It is generally understood to encompass authority, accountability, stewardship, leadership, direction and control.


An organisational unit within the department, which is managed by an executive director and reports to the Secretary.

Ecologically sustainable development

Using, conserving and enhancing the community’s resources so that ecological processes, on which life depends, are maintained and the total quality of life, now and in the future, can be increased.

Enterprise agreement

An agreement made at enterprise level between employers and employees about the terms and conditions of employment.

Federally leased airport

The leased federal airports in each state and territory that were granted long-term leases to private entities between 1997 and 2003.

Financial results

The results shown in the financial statements of an entity.

Fixed line

A network in which voice, data or broadband services are delivered over a physical line.


The broadcast services available without a subscription or fee.


Goods transported by truck, train, ship or aircraft.


Australian Government financial assistance as defined under the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines.

Mobile black spot

A location with poor or non-existent mobile coverage.

National Classification Scheme

A cooperative arrangement between the Australian Government and state and territory governments under which the Classification Board classifies films, computer games and certain publications.

Non-ongoing Australian Public Service employee

A person engaged as an Australian Public Service employee under subsection 22(2)(b) or 22(2)(c) of the Public Service Act 1999.

Ongoing Australian Public Service employee

A person engaged as an ongoing Australian Public Service employee under subsection 22(2)(a) of the Public Service Act 1999.


Functions, services and processes performed in pursuing the objectives or discharging the functions of an entity.


The results, impacts or consequences of actions by the Australian Government on the Australian community – these should be consistent with those listed in the entity’s Portfolio Budget Statements and Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements.

Performance information

Evidence about performance that is collected and used systematically and may relate to appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency and the extent to which an outcome can be attributed to an intervention – performance information may be quantitative (numerical) or qualitative (descriptive), and it should be verifiable.

Portfolio Budget Statements

A budget-related paper detailing budget initiatives and appropriations, by outcome and program, for each entity within a portfolio.


An activity or group of activities that delivers benefits or services or transfers payments to individuals, industry or the community as a whole.


The objectives, functions or role of the entity or company. In relation to performance management, purposes are the reasons or ideal state or outcomes, for which the entity or company undertakes its activities.

QR code

A machine-readable quick response matrix barcode containing information about the item it is attached to.

Regional Development Australia Committees

A national network of committees established as part of the Regional Development Australia initiative to achieve the objective of bringing together all levels of government to enhance the development of Australia’s regions.

Universal Service Obligation

The obligation placed on universal service providers of telecommunications to ensure that all people in Australia, wherever they reside or carry on business, have reasonable access, on an equitable basis, to standard telephone services, including payphones.