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Organisational Structure

In April 2020, a temporary ‘COVID-19 response’ organisational structure was established, which allowed the department to position itself to deal with urgent COVID-19 priorities, both within the department and across the Australian Public Service, while maintaining capacity to deliver critical services, safety and regulatory functions — including those required under legislation, and our business-as-usual activities. This structure has been adapted and updated throughout the reporting period as the environment changed and circumstances required.

At 30 June 2020, the department comprised 17 divisions organised into 6 groups. Our organisational chart, at Figure 2.2, shows the business areas that were specifically focused on the COVID-19 response, that substantially shifted to continuity and recovery, or that were partially working on COVID-19.

Figure 2.2 Organisational chart at 30 June 2020 Image shows the Department Organisational chart at 30 June 2020. Secretary Simon Atkinson, Chief of Staff, list of Deputy Secretaries and the divisions for which they are responsible. Pip Spence PSM Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Secretary Arts, Christine Dacey Deputy Secretary Aviation and Airports, Brendan McRandle PSM Deputy Secretary Aviation Recovery Planning / CEO National Water Grid Authority, David Hallinan Deputy Secretary Infrastructure and Surface Transport, Richard Windeyer Deputy Secretary Communication and Media, Dr Rachel Bacon Deputy Secretary Regional and Territories.