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Our role

In 2019–20, the department delivered government major initiatives across six purposes:

  • Purpose 1: Supporting Science and Commercialisation
  • Purpose 2: Growing Business Investment and Improving Business Capability
  • Purpose 3: Simplifying Doing Business
  • Purpose 4: Climate Change
  • Purpose 5: Energy
  • Purpose 6: Small Business Support

To fulfil our purposes, we partnered with a wide range of stakeholders, including other Australian Government agencies, state and territory governments, local governments, regulators, businesses, industries, researchers, scientific agencies, international forums and the wider Australian community.

The department’s progress was influenced by many external factors, including the impact of the global economy, the progress of science and technology, and Australian economic and fiscal conditions. The summer bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic presented unparalleled challenges, with significant impacts on our economy and society more broadly. We devoted considerable resources to working with other Commonwealth agencies to minimise the negative impacts of these events on Australia’s economy, industries and businesses.

Within this context, we sought to maximise the positive effects we could deliver on behalf of the Australian Government and Australians. By implementing initiatives to build a high-performance organisation and improve strategic alignment with the Australian Government’s priorities and risk management, we enhanced our capacity to provide advice and services to support key sectors of our economy during these challenging times and lay a platform for renewal and growth.