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Outcome and program structure

The department had four outcomes for the reporting period, including an additional three (outcomes 2, 3 and 4) that the Minister for Finance approved following the Machinery of Government changes in February 2020. Figure 2 describes the outcomes, programs and subprograms as set out in the 2019–20 Portfolio Budget Statements.

Figure 2: Outcome and program structure, 2019–20

Figure 2: Outcome and program structure, 2019-20


Program and sub-program

Outcome 1: Enabling growth and productivity for globally competitive industries through supporting science and commercialisation, growing business investment and improving business capability and streamlining regulation

Program 1.1: Supporting Science and Commercialisation

Sub-program 1.1.1: Science awareness, infrastructure and international engagement

Sub-program 1.1.2: Business research development and commercialisation

Program 1.2: Growing Business Investment and Improving Business Capability

Sub-program 1.2.1: Competitive marketplace

Sub-program 1.2.2: Business and market development

Sub-program 1.2.3: Economic transition

Sub-program 1.2.4: Resources

Sub-program 1.2.5: Northern Australia development

Program 1.3 was abolished. Departmental expenses and related performance criteria under the program were reallocated to programs 1.1 and 1.2, as indicated in Portfolio Additional Estimate Statements 201920.

Outcome 2: Reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, contribute to effective global action on climate change, and support technological innovation in clean and renewable energy, through developing and implementing a national response to climate change

Program 2.1: Reducing Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Program 2.2: Adapting to Climate Change(1)

Program 2.3: Renewable Energy Technology Development

Outcome 3: Support the affordable, reliable, secure and competitive operation of energy markets for the long term benefit of the Australian community through improving Australia’s energy supply, efficiency, quality, performance and productivity

Program 3.1: Energy

Outcome 4: Facilitating the growth of small and family business

Program 4.1: Small Business Support

  1. As a result of the Administrative Arrangements Order (AAO) that took effect on 1 February 2020, responsibility for ‘Program 2.2: Adapting to Climate Change’ has been transferred to the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE). DAWE will report on the intended results for this program.