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Advertising and market research

During 2019–20, the department did not conduct any advertising campaigns.

Table 48 sets out GST-inclusive payments that the department made to external organisations for advertising and market research services in 2019–20. This relates to non-campaign advertising and market research services, as well as preparations for future advertising campaigns. Payments of $14 000 or less (GST inclusive) are not reported.

Table 48: Payments for advertising and market research, 2019–20

Table 48: Payments for advertising and market research, 2019–20

Name of recipient



Advertising agencies


Direct mail


Market research

33 Creative

Produce a communications strategy to inspire future Indigenous business owners and test the delivery of communications concepts

$100 000

Colmar Brunton

Household appliances energy rating label research

$60 000

Colmar Brunton

Market research on purchasing behaviour relating to space heaters in Australia

$25 000

Fenton Communications

Research services and creative material for the Australian Building Codes Board to raise awareness of the WaterMark Certification Scheme

$101 200


Market research for the Australian Space Agency communications strategy

$79 000

Instinct and Reason

Market research for the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme

$63 800

Newgate Research

Market research for the Government’s Default Market Offer and Reference Price

$83 307

ORIMA Research

Market research services for neighbour and business sentiment and qualitative analysis of submissions received during the Radioactive Waste Management Facility site selection consultation

$230 906


Market research for the Entrepreneurs’ Programme – to better understand how customers interact with the program

$77 550

Media advertising

Agenda C

Management of digital and social media advertising for the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

$47 281

Australian Public Service Commission

2019-20 Public Service Gazette

$35 588

Korn Ferry (AU) Pty Ltd

Recruitment – Chief Scientist of Australia

$17 531

Mediabrands Australia

Media placement and development of radio advertisement to promote the ASBAS-Digital Solutions program in regional areas

$49 026

Mediabrands Australia

Executive recruitment

$55 149

Mediabrands Australia

Promotional editorial in Australia’s Nobel Laureates, State of our Innovation Nation 2020

$44 208

Mediabrands Australia

Promotion of the Boosting Female Founders Initiative

$26 507

Media Heads

Promotion of National Science Week through televisions

$35 200

Polling organisations