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The department’s Accountable Authority Instructions and internal policies set out the process to procure goods and services in line with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules—20 April 2019 and the enhanced Commonwealth performance framework.

Value for money is the core principle of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules. The department’s internal policies support its employees to undertake procurement activities to meet these requirements.

In accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules, the department published its Annual Procurement Plan on AusTender (https://www.tenders.gov.au/App/Show/7f39c34f-cf31-3216-4b91-e11d54f157a3) to give prospective suppliers the opportunity to prepare for potential work with the department.

The department supports small business participation in the Australian Government procurement market. Participation statistics for SMEs are available on the Department of Finance’s website (www.finance.gov.au).

In accordance with paragraph 5.4 of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules, the department has procurement practices and internal policies in place to ensure that SMEs are not unfairly discriminated against. These measures include but are not limited to:

  • the mandatory use of the Commonwealth Contracting Suite for all low-risk procurements up to $200 000 (GST inclusive)
  • formal procurement training, including contracting with SMEs
  • a dedicated online procurement toolkit to provide advice to procuring officers.

The department recognises the importance of ensuring that small businesses are paid on time. The results of the Survey of Australian Government Payments to Small Business are available on the Department of the Treasury’s website (www.treasury.gov.au).

The department supports the Indigenous Procurement Policy and has met its purchasing target set by the government to ensure that opportunities for Indigenous employment and business continue to grow.