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Commonwealth Child Safe Framework

The department strongly supports the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework, which sets the minimum standards for creating and embedding child safe culture and practice in Commonwealth entities. The department has a Working with Vulnerable Persons (WWVP) Policy, which establishes the requirement for employees who are working with vulnerable persons to obtain and maintain WWVP registration in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations. It also requires that risk assessments are completed for policies, programs and activities that entail working with vulnerable persons to evaluate risks to vulnerable persons and ensure mitigation strategies are identified. The department is developing an entity-wide Child Safety Policy. In addition, Questacon has a well-established process and proactive culture to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the children it has contact with each year. Building on this foundation, Questacon’s Vulnerable People Protection Policies and training have also been updated and refreshed to implement the highest standards, controls and complaints management. The policies, tools, training and systems developed by Questacon are leveraged to other business units across the department, where applicable, and will be drawn upon in the development of the entity-wide policy. Whole-of-department reporting and training requirements are currently under development.