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Contact directory

This appendix contains the contact details of House of Representatives office holders and the department’s senior executive officers as at 30 September 2020.


Office holder

Contact details

Speaker of the House of Representatives,
Hon Tony Smith MP

Parliament House

Phone (02) 6277 4000

Electorate office

Phone (03) 9727 0799

Email tony.smith.mp [at] aph.gov.au

Deputy Speaker,
Mr Llew O’Brien MP

Parliament House

Phone (02) 6277 2301

Electorate office

Phone (07) 4121 2936

Email llew.obrien.mp [at] aph.gov.au

Second Deputy Speaker,
Mr Rob Mitchell MP

Parliament House

Phone (02) 6277 4117

Electorate office

Phone (03) 5716 3000

Email rob.mitchell.mp [at] aph.gov.au

Clerk of the House,
Ms Claressa Surtees

Phone (02) 6277 4111

Email clerk.reps [at] aph.gov.au

Deputy Clerk,
Ms Catherine Cornish

Phone (02) 6277 4222

Email depclerk.reps [at] aph.gov.au

Clerk Assistant (Table),
Mr Peter Banson

Phone (02) 6277 4777

Email peter.banson.reps [at] aph.gov.au

Clerk Assistant (Procedure),
Mr Jerome Brown

Phone (02) 6277 4396

Email jerome.brown.reps [at] aph.gov.au

Clerk Assistant (Committees),
Mr Stuart Woodley

Phone (02) 6277 4399

Email stuart.woodley.reps [at] aph.gov.au

Mr James Catchpole

Phone (02) 6277 4444

Email james.catchpole.reps [at] aph.gov.au

Departmental addresses


Department of the House of Representatives
PO Box 6021
Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600

Internet www.aph.gov.au/dhr