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This is the annual report from the Secretary of the Department and the Commissioner of the ABF to the Minister for Home Affairs for the financial year ending 30 June 2020. The annual report also includes the Secretary’s fraud certification as the Department’s Accountable Authority.

The report presents the Department’s and the ABF’s performance for 2019–20, and has been prepared in accordance with the Department of Finance’s Resource Management Guide No. 135—Annual report for non-corporate Commonwealth entities, issued in May 2020.

Report structure

Part 1: Overview

Part 1 contains a review of the financial year by the Secretary of the Department and the Commissioner of the ABF. It demonstrates outcomes delivered throughout 2019–20 and highlights key developments, achievements and environmental pressures.

Part 2: Annual performance statement

Part 2 supports the Enhanced Commonwealth Performance Framework by summarising the Department’s performance as set out in the Department of Home Affairs 2019–20 Corporate Plan and 2019–20 Portfolio Budget Statements. It also acquits performance against the 2019–20 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements.

Parts 3 and 4: Report on financial performance and financial statements

Parts 3 and 4 contain discussion and analysis of the Department’s financial performance, including the audited financial statements and a report by the Auditor-General.

Part 5: Management and accountability

Part 5 encompasses the governance framework, fraud and risk management arrangements, human resources, procurement initiatives and purchasing practices. Part 5 also includes relevant information on external scrutiny, workforce planning, workplace health and safety, client services, advertising and market research, ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance, and grants programs.

Part 6: Appendices

Part 6 provides supplementary information, including the years at a glance statistical table, material errors from the 2018–19 Annual Report, tables relating to the report on financial performance, and information on legal services expenditure.

Part 7: Reference material

Part 7 contains the abbreviations, glossary of key terms, alphabetical index and the compliance index, which includes the list of requirements under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014.