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Figures to be provided separately by Legal Division.

Table 45 outlines the Department’s legal services expenditure for 2019–20, in compliance with Paragraph 11.1(ba) of the Legal Services Directions 2017.

Table 45 – Legal services expenditure


2019–2020 cost (excluding GST)

Total legal services expenditure


Total external legal services expenditure


External expenditure on solicitors1


External expenditure on counsel2


Number of matters in which male counsel briefed - 997

Estimated value of briefs to male counsel


Number of matters in which female counsel briefed - 370

Estimated value of briefs to female counsel


Disbursements on external legal services


Total internal legal services expenditure




Overheads (for example, office stores and stationery, training and travel, property, and information technology related costs)3


1 As the Department has entered into a fixed fee arrangement for the payment of some litigation matters, this figure will also include some expenditure on counsel and disbursements that cannot be separately identified.

2 Statistics on counsel briefs relate to finalised litigation matters only.

3 Overheads—indirect property and information technology costs are included. This amount is reported in accordance with Office of Legal Services Coordination Guidance Note 8.