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Table of Contents

Preliminary Pages
Letter of Transmittal
Secretary's Review
Chief Medical Officer's Report
Chief Operating Officer's Report

Part 1: About the Department
Part 1.1: The Health Portfolio
Part 1.2: Portfolio Structure
Part 1.3: Departmental Overview
Part 1.4: Department-Specific Outcomes

Part 2: Annual Performance Statements
Part 2.1: 2019-20 Annual Performance Statements
Outcome 1: Health System Policy, Design and Innovation
Outcome 2: Health Access and Support Services
Outcome 3: Sport and Recreation
Outcome 4: Individual Health Benefits
Outcome 5: Regulation, Safety and Protection
Outcome 6: Ageing and Aged Care
Part 2.2: Entity Resource Statement

Part 3: Management and Accountability
Part 3.1: Corporate Governance
Part 3.2: Executive
Part 3.3: Structure Chart
Part 3.4: People
Part 3.5: Financial and Property Management
Part 3.6: External Scrutiny and Compliance

Part 4: Financial Statements
Part 4.1: Financial Statements Process
Part 4.2: 2019-20 Financial Statements
Independent Auditor’s Report
Statement by the Secretary and Chief Financial Officer
Departmental Statement of Comprehensive Income
Departmental Statement of Financial Position
Departmental Statement of Changes in Equity
Departmental Cash Flow Statement
Administered Schedule of Comprehensive Income
Administered Schedule of Assets and Liabilities
Administered Reconciliation Schedule
Administered Cash Flow Statement

Appendix 1: Workforce Statistics
Appendix 2: Processes Leading to PBAC Consideration - Annual Report for 2019-20
Appendix 3: Report on the operation of the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 for 2019-20
Appendix 4: Australian National Preventive Health Agency Financial Statements
Appendix 5: Report on the operation of the National Sports Tribunal

Navigation Aids
List of Requirements
Acronyms and Abbreviations