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List of figures

Figure 1 Corporate Plan on a page

Figure 2 Organisational chart

Figure 3 Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio structure as at 30 June 2018

Figure 4 Services to parliament

Figure 5 Benefits of trade for Australians

Figure 6 Benefits of imports to Australian households and business since 2000

Figure 7 Australian Consumer Price Index: seasonally adjusted

Figure 8 Australia’s trade and investment with the world, 2017

Figure 9 Overseas development assistance

Figure 10 Australian Volunteers Program

Figure 11 Aid program highlights

Figure 12 Australia Awards

Figure 13 New Colombo Plan students

Figure 14 New Colombo Plan destinations

Figure 15 New Colombo Plan diversity

Figure 16 Australia’s Global Alumni

Figure 17 Social media presence

Figure 18 Treaties

Figure 19 Passport applications

Figure 20 Summary of Expenses

Figure 21 Assets and Liabilities

Figure 22 Staff Diversity

Figure 23 Indigenous Procurement