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Appendix D: Staff Achievements

Secretary's awards 2020

Andrew Campbell for building organisational capability by implementing remote communication and operational solutions that preserved COMCAR's booking and dispatch function during COVID-19.

Piea Reilly for exemplary services in the role of executive assistant, being an influential first point of contact for Finance’s clients and actively solving problems and demonstrating leadership every day.

Greens and Communications Team comprising Ellena Buckman, Harriet Harwood, Hosna Jadeer, Alan Chan, Sarah Butler and Cameron Ong for building the capacity of Agency Advice Units in preparing Green Briefs and providing advice to the Government in an intense working environment.

ICON Capital Projects Team comprising Lee Corby, Paul Charlton, Matthew Jones, James Downey, David O'Brien, Tony Huntley, Murray Robinson, Joanne Moore and John Steele for providing exceptional telecommunication services for government agencies and preserving areas of heritage significance during complex civil engineering projects through engagement with Registered Aboriginal Organisations in the ACT.

Georgia Weichert for demonstrating key Finance values of leadership in her work as the Director of the Public and Administrative Law team.

Gemma Cooper for demonstrating key Finance values of leadership, stewardship, integrity, courage and judgement in supporting the Government’s COVID-19 response in a complex health and budgetary environment.

Laura Corkhill for exemplary services in the role of Executive Officer to the Secretary and a commitment to providing professional and collaborative support in achieving high-level outcomes across the executive and Department.

Sarah Roarty for sustained client service excellence and maintaining exemplary relationships with members of the public, Commonwealth agencies and other stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Rhianne Jory for exemplifying Finance's stewardship role while collaboratively working with a range of stakeholders to progress the AEC ICT modernisation project.

COVID-19 Management Group comprising Iain Scott, Bek Hendriks, Vanessa Boyley, Tameena Jacob, Kiana Chan, Chris O'Connell, Natalie Deaves, Georgia Weichert, Sophie Barker, Charee O'Riley, Michael Foulds and Katrina Morgan for supporting the Department of Finance’s response to COVID-19 and ensuring staff productivity, engagement and wellbeing during the pandemic.

Commercial Policy and Advice Team comprising Christopher Flinders, Eleni Metallinos, David O'Connor, Kelly Wang, Clare Griffis, Priscilla Phommaly, Lex Bennett, Tom Gladwin, Mila Mitra and Ruby Giampaolo for providing excellent advice on the Government’s response to key commercial decisions during COVID-19.

National Disasters Response Team comprising Anne Martin, Nicholas Vorobieff, Amanda Cross, Sweta Samanta, Josh Wang, Patrick Lockwood, Thomas Varendorff, Irfan Chowdhury, Brent Hayes, Melissa Pan, Emma Gardiner, Radmila Ristic, Melissa Egan, Melissa Frost, Adrian Rowles, Gabrielle Blair, Philip Nigg and Angela Wojtaszak for outstanding collaboration with agencies to provide policy and financial advice to inform the Government’s response to natural disasters, including the 2019–20 bushfires and drought.

Procurement Policy and Practice Team comprising Fiona Welch, Matthew Stocks, Jane Wagner and Wendy Roach for demonstrating the very best of Finance’s stewardship agenda by working collaboratively with Defence and DFAT to achieve a positive outcome on a recent procurement guidance-note.

Sandra Murray for supporting the Government's consideration of future national security priorities through the development and delivery of the first National Security Resourcing Statement.

Caterina Costanzo for excellence in stewardship on the implementation of electronic invoicing to support the Prime Minister’s commitment to reduce government payment terms for small business.

GovTEAMS Team comprising Jasmin Brookes, Samantha Green, Marcel Gabriel, Lorraine Lorzano, Dean Halpin, Angus Macoun, Kristen Barrett, Elizabeth Misson, Dean Bilbee, Michael Pronin, Mariana Mitreska, Joanne Ruyssenaers, Gavin Clarke, Ellen Saunders, Angie Earl, Bianca Schulze and Mohammad Esmaeil Zadeh for building organisational capability during COVID-19 through the use of GovTEAMS to communicate and connect across the Department in a modern way.

Project Near Real-time Funds Team comprising Cleo Boutzios, Daniel Coldwell, Glenn Elphick, Joseph Parisi, Carol Bueno, Silvana Blasi, Fiona Naylor, Beth Dingley, Victor Lu, Richard Lewis, Steven Clark, Scott Havelberg, Lisa King, Aaron Melverton, Sandra Van Aalst, Andrew Lee, Lin Mi and Mark Fitzsimons for collaborating successfully to deliver a modernised, future-focused Commonwealth cash management capability, streamlining existing processes through harnessing Australia's New Payments Platform.

Rent Relief Policy Team comprising Jennifer Ellison, Rebecca Salvestrin, Cameron Blagdon and Brooke Tierney for the rapid development and implementation of the Rent Relief Policy, reducing the impact of COVID-19 on small and medium-sized enterprises and not-for-profit tenants of the Commonwealth.

Nick McClintock for exemplifying outstanding leadership qualities, particularly for inspiring and empowering his staff while delivering advice to government on issues relating to bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australia Day awards 2021

2019–20 Annual Actuals Team comprising Bella Bai, Charles Clements, Jenny Milward-Bason, Miranda Crooke, Nikoletta Diamond, Penny Fitzpatrick, William Choy, Holly Hart, Michael Navaratnam, Maria Mammoliti, Sarah Johnston, Megan Everest, Christiana Thio, Ellen Hansen, Julian Walmsley, Sanjit Jeganathan and Kaitlyn Mulligan for demonstrating a high level of collaboration and innovation to ensure the accuracy of the 2019–20 Final Budget Outcome, 2019–20 Consolidated Financial Statements and 2020–21 Budget Papers.

Orlando Xie for continuous and consistent collaboration with Finance business stakeholders to ensure that complex budget issues are able to be supported in the Central Budget Management System.

IT Environment Team comprising Rob Morrison, Greg Harrison, Josh Mooney and Adrian Brown for demonstrating a commitment to high-quality outcomes through the delivery of audio-visual solutions for the Department.

Alex Wensing for successfully transforming the commercial investments customised education program into an online format, and delivering very well-received training over GovTEAMS throughout the pandemic.

Parliamentary and Judicial Superannuation Team comprising Anita Haider, Sara Perdrau, Gladys Bernabe, Katrina Redman, Mark Ately and Maddi Barbic for extraordinary attention to detail, and their collaboration with superannuation software solution company Syncsoft to deliver a modern cloud-based pension scheme, management and payment system.

Kate Cummins for consistently demonstrating leadership and stewardship through collaboration with Commonwealth entities and commercial partners, and innovation in the delivery of the 2020 Commonwealth Leasing Strategy.

Australia Post Shareholder Team comprising Mike Hogben, Sam Parsons, Naarah Peters and Vanessa Markulic for successfully completing an investigation into Australia Post’s governance arrangements for the proper use and management of public resources.

Charee O'Riley for excellence in resetting the governance arrangements for the Shared Services Program, and delivery and maintenance of a comprehensive risk register.

Michael Graham for outstanding leadership, collaboration and resilience providing support across government to ensure that the Australian community received critical COVID-19 advertising messages.

External awards

Anna Harmer
Awarded a Public Service Medal on 14 June 2021.

Rachael Spalding and Kerusha Ganess
Recognised with the AFP Commissioner’s Group Citation for Conspicuous Conduct in recognition of their exceptional perseverance, tenacity, collaboration and commitment, contributing to the long-term financial stability of the Australian Federal Police through the development of the Long-Term Funding Model.

MacCallum Johnson
Received an International Visitor Leadership Program Certificate from the United States Department of State. The award was for excellence as an emerging leader whilst undertaking the United States Department of State professional program.