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Appendix B: Advertising and market research

During 2020–21 Finance's total expenditure on advertising and market research was $445,999.38 (GST inclusive). Table B1 shows payments of $14,300 or more (GST inclusive) to advertising and market research, polling, direct mail and media advertising organisations, as required under section 311A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

Finance manages the whole-of-government campaign and non-campaign advertising contract, which the below payments to the market research organisations relate to. The lead entity responsible for specific advertising or market research contracts reports the relevant expenditure under their annual report.

Table B1: Advertising and market research expenditure 2020–21




($, including GST)

Market research organisations

Colmar Brunton Research Pty Ltd

Customer survey and analysis services


Ebiquity Pty Ltd

Industries advice for campaign advertising


Total reportable Market research organisations


Media advertising organisations

Universal McCann

Advertising in relation to electorate offices


Universal McCann

Advertising in relation to property divestment


Universal McCann

Advertising for phase 2 of the Management Advisory Services whole of government procurement process.


Total reportable Media advertising organisations


Total reportable payments over $14,300