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In 2021–22, Finance's focus will continue to support government decision-making processes and preparation of the 2020–21 Final Budget Outcome, the 2021–22 MYEFO and the 2022–23 Budget. In this financial year, Finance expects to contribute to delivering a Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook ahead of the next federal election. In addition to budget and financial reporting, we will continue our important role in managing the Australian Government’s commercial interests regarding property, government procurement, risk management and GBEs.

Looking ahead, the Government's priority will continue to focus on economic recovery. As a central agency with diverse responsibilities across the whole of government, Finance will play a central role.

Finance will focus on delivering services to and for government, the public sector, and parliamentarians in more efficient and effective ways to meet community expectations. We will continue to look for better ways to leverage our data assets to improve advice and analysis. Modernising service delivery channels remains a priority, supported by our current and future ICT strategies and commitment to innovation.

Finance will continue to review our operating model, with a focus on maturing how we mobilise resources to priorities, ensuring strong alignment of programs, outcomes and operations, and embedding departmental and whole-of-government approaches to operating.